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Registration Deadline Dec 31,2016

Destination  : Tian-fu square,Chun-xi road

Days of Travelling : 1

Departure Date : Nov 28,2015


Hei guys,my name is E.qing,I am working in chengdu where I am born,I want to spend my weekends with who come in Chengdu for traveling by themselves.The point is it's free!

I can introduce the tuorist attrctions such as Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley,Jinli of Chengdu,People's park,Tianfu square,Chunxi road,Qin-tai road and so on.

I will bring you to eat the local snack,which are only the local people like me can find it.what's more,I will pay for my own meal.

so,if you want to feel the culture of chengdu,if you want to try the chengdu's local snake,you can send me e-mail,and I will never get you lost in the city.By the way,I can practice my poor English.


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